LimeChat for iOS is an IRC client for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It allows you to chat on the go in the same way as you do on desktop.

Unique Features:

  • iOS 4 multitasking support. Connections are kept in 10 minutes after going to background.
  • Quick navigation. You can move around channels quickly by arrow buttons or tapping on the left/right side of log views.
  • Arrow buttons indicate events (highlight, new message coming or new PM coming) happened in the other channels. So you can recognize it easily while chatting in another channel.
  • Highlights messages and optionally vibrates for your specific words.
  • Visual interface for user information (whois).
  • Built-in browser for clickable URL links.
  • Full support for landscape mode.
  • Prevent auto lock to stay connected.

Standard Features:

  • Multiple servers and channels.
  • Automatically Nickserv authentication support.
  • Full support for many text encodings.
  • SSL support.
  • SASL authentication support.

Version 2.12 (2011/06/10)

  • Renamed several setting titles around NickServ settings so that users can understand more clearly.

Version 2.11 (2011/05/19)

  • Added show timestamp option.
  • Added kick menu in user list.
  • Fixed an issue in parsing kick commands.
  • Use system format settings for timestamp.
  • Show motd replies.

Version 2.10 (2011/04/18)

  • SASL support.